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Now here is what this page is really meant for!


I always use King Arthur Flour- It just works better and it is unbleached and unbromated. I try to use the organic version and buy in bulk from my local food co-op. However this is not always the most cost effective route! I would love to get my hands on a grain mill and grain flour fresh (I know I am crazy) but haven’t been able to go that route yet.

I measure most of the time by weight because it is much more accurate. I will post with the cup measurements because this is what most people use.  If I don’t weigh the flour I measure with the scoop and sweep method. You scoop the flour and sprinkle it in the measuring cup then sweep to level it. This way the flour doesn’t get packed down.


Milk and Dairy Products

I only buy and use whole milk, whole milk cheeses, and whole milk yogurt. After some research, I have decided that whole milk is actually better. I have tried raw milk (just for my husband and I, not the kids) and loved it but I have to go a distance to get it and it is just not feasible to get regularly. I also love heavy cream and real buttermilk and usually have them on hand. 

Butter- butter makes everything better! Please use real butter, not margarine or any of that other processed stuff. It’s better for you. If a recipe calls for unsalted butter and you don’t have it- you can usually substitute salted butter and decrease the amount of salt called for in the recipe by about 1/4 tsp per stick of butter. (This is a general estimate- use your judgement)



For the most part I stick with coconut oil, olive oil or other cold pressed oils. I try to avoid oils that have been refined or super processed. I have replaced my shortening with organic palm shortening and have been very happy with it. I am able to order online at a very reasonable cost and I have seen it at my local Target also (a bit more expensive than online).